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Publications of Human- Computer Interaction Laboratory (HCI)


International journals (Long papers, full-paper reviewed)
  1. Vernardakis, N., Stephanidis, C., & Akoumianakis, D. (1994). Rehabilitation Technology product taxonomy: a conceptual tool for analyzing products and extracting demand determinants. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research, 17 (3), 201-214.
  2. Stephanidis, C., Vernardakis, N., & Akoumianakis, D. (1994). The demand, supply and provision system of the Rehabilitation Technology market in Europe: A modelling perspective. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research, 17 (4), 343-356.
Papers in Proceedings of international conferences and workshops (abstract reviewed)
  1. Stephanidis, C., Grammenos, D., Triantafyllou, S., Antona, M, Akoumianakis, D., & Paparoulis, G. (1994). Word Processing for People with Special Needs. In Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Educational Computing, Athens, Greece, 11-13 November (pp. 225-230).
  2. Stephanidis, C., Paparoulis, G., Lagoudaki, E., Psaroudakis, N., Triantafyllou, S., & Ioannidi, D. (1994). An Augmented Educational Environment for People with Special Needs. In Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Educational Computing, Athens, Greece, 11-13 November (pp. 221-228).
White Papers
  1. Stephanidis, C. (Ed.). (1994, January). Universal Access to Telecommunication Services in Europe - The Guy Cobut report. Brussels, Belgium: European Commission DG XIII COST 219 project (58 pages).
Invited papers in international conferences and workshops
  1. Stephanidis, C., & Kouroupetroglou, G. (1994). Human machine interface technology and interpersonal communication aids. In R. Besson (Ed.), Proceedings of the 5th COST 219 Conference on Trends in technologies for disabled and elderly, Tregastel, France, 7-8 June (pp. 165-172). Brussels: Commission of the European Communities (ISBN 951-33-0004-8).
ICS-FORTH Technical Reports
  1. Savidis, A. (1994, February). The Concept of Dual Interfaces and the Design of a UIMS-Based Development Framework. FORTH-ICS / TR 118, Heraklion, Crete, Greece (154 pages).
Other Technical Reports
  1. Stephanidis, C., & Sfyrakis, M. (1994, June). Man-Machine Interfaces. CEU COST 219 WG4-5 Technology Trends, 2nd Yearly Report (v.2) (3 pages).
Invited Talks
  1. Stephanidis, C. (1994, 17-18 January). Universal access to telecommunication services in Europe: A review of critical issues. Workshop on Elderly - Elderly, disabled and technology, (CEU, DG V - DG XIII), Brussels, Belgium (3 pages).
  2. Stephanidis, C., & Savidis, A. (1994, 17-18 May). HANDYNET, a multimedia tool: The technological trends in the provision of information. Plenary evaluation session on The HANDYNET System today and in the future, Cologne, Germany (16 pages).
  3. Stephanidis, C. (1994, 26-28 June). The HANDYNET Initiative CEU-DG V. 1st European Conference on Thalassemia, Corfu, Greece (8 pages).
  4. Stephanidis, C. (1994, 29-30 June). The national dimension in the development of the European HANDYNET System. Conference on the European policy for equal opportunities (CEU DG-V and ESAEA), Athens, Greece (12 pages).