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Invited Talks
  1. Chrysakis, I. (2019). Ioannis Chrysakis. Smart Applications, Digital Privacy and the CAPrice Iniative. Invited presentation at the Positive Science Day of Pagrition Private Secondary School, 22 February 2019, Heraklion.
  2. Chrysakis, I. (2019). Ioannis Chrysakis. The CAPrice Iniative and a Gamification Approach to Digital Privacy. Invited presentation at the Annual Safer Internet Day 2019 in Hellenic Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, 5 February 2019, Athens.
  3. Chrysakis, I. (2018). The CAPrice Initiative: A socio-technical solution to digital privacy.  Invited presentation at the 6th Google GDG Dev Fest Greece 2018. 1, December 2018, Heraklion.
  4. Flouris, G. (2017). Challenges in a Highly Interconnected Digital World: the Cases of Privacy and Digital Bias. Artificial Cosmoi and the Law Conference, Athens, 27 July.
  5. Flouris, G. (2016). Preservation Through Evolution Management: The DIACHRON Approach. Invited talk for the Final Dissemination Workshop of DIACHRON project.
  6. Kondylakis, H., Doerr, M., de Jong, G., & Oldman, D. (2014).  X3ML An interface for sustainable management of data management mapping process. BM meet-up 'Semantics and Cultural Heritage', London, 2014 .
  7. Flouris, G. (2014). Evolution Management for Preservation. Invited talk for the PRELIDA Consolidation and Dissemination workshop.
  8. Flouris, G. (2014). Linked Open Data. Invited talk for the Workshop on the Provision and Use of Open Data, part of the Hack4MED of the HOMER project.
  9. Flouris, G. (2014). Machine-Interpretable Online Debates for a New Web Paradigm. TUWIEN-Comenius University workshop, November 2014.
  10. Flouris, G., Papakonstantinou, V., & Fundulaki, I. (2013). A Flexible and Powerful Access Control Model for Linked Open Data. Invited poster for the Research Summit of FORTH .
  11. Flouris, G. (2013). Data and Knowledge EvolutionTutorial in Open Data Tutorials, jointly organized with the 2nd International Workshop on Open Data (WOD-13), Paris, France, May 29-31, 2013.
  12. Flouris, G., Fundulaki, I., & Papakonstantinou, V. (2012). Abstract Access Control Model for Dynamic RDF DatasetsEuropean Data Forum (EDF) 2012 took place in Copenhagen (Denmark) at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS), June 6-7.
  13. Plexousakis, D. (2012). Development and maintenance of correlated ontologies and their derivative products - experience with CIDOC-CRM for information integration in culture and science. Modeling Methods in Motion, 3rd Interlantional Workshop on Open Models, Vienna, Austria, September 2012.
  14. Christophides, V. (2012). Vassilis Christophides: Continuous Queries over Text Streams . Seminar Talk at INRIA/LRI research group OAK, Orsay, December 18.
  15. Plexousakis, D. (2010). i-lands: Improved Living Environments through Synergies of Ubiquitous, Evolvable & Intelligent TechnologiesFET Flagships Science & Technology Forum, Brussels, June 2010.
  16. Flouris, G. (2009). High-Level Change Detection in the Semantic Web. 10th anniversary of the W3C Greece Office, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 16 September.
  17. Flouris, G., & Konstantinidis, G. (2008). Formalizing the Evolution Process. In BOEMIE 2008 Workshop on Ontology Evolution and Multimedia Information Extraction (BOEMIE-08), Koblenz, Germany, 2 December .
  18. Plexousakis, D. (2006). Evolving Ontology Evolution. 32nd International Conference on Current Trends and Practice in Computer Science (SOFSEM 2006), Prague, Czech Republic, Janurary 2006.
  19. Plexousakis, D. (2006). RDF Querying: Language Constructs and Evaluation Methods Compared. invited lecture at Reasoning Web Summer School, Lisbon, Portugal,,  September, 2006.
  20. Plexousakis, D. (2004). Knowledge Management on the Semantic Web. International Conference on Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management (PAKM04), Vienna, Austria, December 2004.
  21. Plexousakis, D. (2004). Querying and Viewing the Semantic Web. 30th International Conference on Current Trends and Practice in Computer Science (SOFSEM 2004), Prague, Czech Republic, Janurary 2004.
  22. Plexousakis, D. (2003). Semantic Web: Myths and Reality. Onassis Lecture Series in Computer Science, Heraklion, Greece (with V. Christophides), July 2003 .
  23. Plexousakis, D. (2002). Querying the Semantic Web. EU-NSF Workshop on Database and Information Systems Research for Semantic Web and Enterprises, Amicalola Falls, Georgia, 2002, April 3-5.
  24. Plexousakis, D. (2001). From Digital Libraries to Web Portals. Digital Libraries Workshop, University of Crete, May 2001.
  25. Plexousakis, D. (2001). Reasoning about Database Dynamics in the Situation Calculus. 3rd Panhellenic Symposium on Logic, Anogia, Greece, July 2001.
  26. Plexousakis, D. (2001). Thematic Web Portals: the Case of Science and Technology Museums. Network on Cultural Informatics, Athens, Greece, June 2001.
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