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Papers in Proceedings (full-paper reviewed)

  1. Maliaroudakis, E., Chazapis, A., Kanterakis, A., Marazakis, M., & Bilas, A. (2022). Interactive, Cloud-Native Workflows on HPC Using KNoC. Fifth International Workshop on Interactive HPC (Interactive HPC 2022) - held In conjunction with ISC22, Messe Hamburg, Germany, Jun 2.
  2. Sfakianakis, Y.S, Marazakis, M., Kozanitis, Ch., & Bilas, A. (2022). LatEst: Vertical elasticity for millisecond serverless executionThe 2nd International Workshop on Serverless To sErvE moRe at Scale, STEERS 2022 - held in conjunction with 22nd IEEE International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Internet Computing (CCGrid), Taormina, Italy, 16-19 May.
  3. Nikolaidis, F., Marazakis, M., & Bilas, A. (2021). IOTier: A Virtual Testbed to evaluate systems for IoT environments1st Workshop on Cloud-to-Things continuum: towards the convergence of IoT, Edge and Cloud Computing - (Cloud2Things 2021). Collocated with IEEE CCGrid'21., Melbourne, Australia, (pp. 676-683). IEEE.
  4. Chazapis, A., Pinto, C., Gkoufas, Y., Kozanitis, Ch., & Bilas, A. (2021). A unified storage layer for supporting distributed workflows in kubernetesCHEOPS '21: Proceedings of the Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities of Efficient and Performant Storage Systems, April, Article No.: 1 (pp. 1-9). ACM.
  5. Attiya, H., Ben-Baruch, O., Fatourou, P., Hendler, D., & Eleftherios , K.  (2021). Brief Announcement: Tracking in Order to Recover: Detectable Recovery of Lock-Free Data Structures. 12th Annual Non-Volatile Memories Workshop, University of California, San Diego, MARCH 7-10.
  6. Vardas, I., Ploumidis, M., & Marazakis, M. (2021). Exploring the impact of node failures on the resource allocation for parallel jobs14th Workshop on Resiliency in High Performance Computing (Resilience) in Clusters, Clouds, and Grids, Portugal, 30 Aug.
  7. Nikolaidis, F., Chazapis, A., Marazakis, M., & Bilas, A. (2021). Frisbee: A Suite for Benchmarking Systems RecoveryProceedings of the 1st Workshop on High Availability and Observability of Cloud Systems (HAOC '21). Collocated with EuroSys’21., 26 April . ACM.
  8. Zaourar, L., Benazouz, M., Mouhagir, A., Jebali, F., Sassolas, T., Weill, J. Ch., Falquez, C., Ho, N., Pleiter, D. , Portero, A., Suarez, E., Petrakis, P., Papaefstathiou, V., Marazakis, M., Radulovic, M., Martinez, F., Armejach, A., Casas, M., Nocua, A., & Dolbeau, R. (2021). Multilevel Simulation-Based Co-Design of Next Generation HPC MicroprocessorsPMBS21: The 12th International Workshop on Performance Modeling, Benchmarking and Simulation of High-Performance Computer Systems.
  9. Gavrielatos, V., Nagarajan, V., & Fatourou, P. (2021). Towards the Synthesis of Coherence/Replication Protocols from Consistency Models via Real-Time OrderingsProceedings of the 8th Workshop on Principles and Practice of Consistency for Distributed Data (PaPoC '21), April, Article No.: 5 (pp. 1-10).
  10. Malliotakis, J., Papagiannis, A., Marazakis, M., & Bilas, A. (2020). HugeMap: Optimizing Memory-mapped I/O with Huge Pages for Fast Storage. Proceedings of the Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities of HPC Storage Systems (CHAOSS), co-located with EuroPar’2020, Warsaw, Poland, 24-28 August .
  11. Kolokasis, I.G., Papagiannis, A., Zakkak, F. S., Pratikakis , P., & Bilas, A. (2020). Say Goodbye to Off-heap Caches! On-heap Caches Using Memory-Mapped I/O. 12th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Storage and File Systems (HotStorage'20), Co-located with Usenix ATC'20, Best Presentation Award,  Boston, MA, USA, July 2020.
  12. Chaix, F., Ioannou, A., Kossifidis, N., Dimou, N., Ieronymakis, G., Marazakis, M., Papaefstathiou, V., Flouris, V., Ligerakis, M., Ailamakis, G., Vavouris, Th., Damianakis, A., Katevenis, M.G.H., & Mavroidis, I. (2019). Implementation and Impact of an Ultra-Compact Multi-FPGA Board for Large System Prototyping2019 IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Heterogeneous High-performance Reconfigurable Computing (H2RC 2019), Denver, CO, USA, USA, (pp. 34-41). IEEE.
  13. Kalomoiris, I., Pitsis, G., Tsagkatakis, G., Ioannou, A., Kozanitis, Ch., Dollas, A., Tsakalides, P., & Katevenis, M.G.H. (2019). An Experimental Analysis of the Opportunities to Use Field Programmable Gate Array Multiprocessors for On-Board Satellite Deep Learning Classification of Spectroscopic Observations from Future ESA Space Missions. Proceedings of the European Workshop on On-Board Data Processing (OBDP), European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), Amsterdam, Netehrlands, 25-27 February 2019.
  14. Kallimanis, N., Marazakis, M., & Chrysos, N. (2019). GSAS: A Fast Shared Memory Abstraction with Minimal Hardware Support. EuroExaScale workshop on HiPEAC 2019, Valencia, Spain, 21-23 January 2019.
  15. Ploumidis, M., Kallimanis, N., Asiminakis, M., Chrysos, N., Xirouchakis, P., Gianoudis, M., Tzanakis, L., Dimou, N., Psistakis, A., Peristerakis, P., Kalokairinos, G., Papaefstathiou, V., & Katevenis, M.G.H. (2019). Software and Hardware co-design for low-power HPC platformsHigh Performance Computing : ISC High Performance 2019 International Workshops, Frankfurt, Germany, June 16-20 (vol. 11887 LNCS, pp. 88-100). Springer.
  16. Papakonstantinou, N., Kallimanis, N., & Pratikakis , P. (2019). Towards Support for Recursive Task-Parallelism on ExaScale Architectures. EuroExaScale workshop on HiPEAC 2019, Valencia, Spain, 21-23 January 2019.
  17. Kallimanis, N., Chrysos, N., & Marazakis, M. (2018). A flexible & Efficient Shared Memory Abstraction with Minimal HW Assistance. EuroEXA, ExaNeSt, ExaNode, Ecoscale workshop on European HPC Summit Week, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 31 May 2018.
  18. Kallimanis, N., Marazakis, M., & Skordalakis, E. (2018). Use-cases for Remote Memory in the Unimem Architecture. ExascaleHPC workshop - HiPEAC 2018, Manchester, UK, 22 - 24 January 2018 .
  19. Papagiannis, A., Saloustros, G., Marazakis, M., & Bilas, A. (2016). User-Space I/O for μs-level Storage DevicesHigh Performance Computing, ISC High Performance 2016 International Workshops ExaComm, E-MuCoCoS, HPC-IODC, IXPUG, IWOPH, P3MA, VHPC, WOPSSS , Frankfurt, Germany, (vol. 9945 LNCS, pp. 638-648). Springer.
  20. Gonzalez-Ferez, P., & Bilas, A. (2015). NUMA impact on network storage protocolsover high-speed raw EthernetProceedings of: Second International Workshop on Sustainable Ultrascale Computing Systems (NESUS 2015), Krakow , Poland, 10-11 September (pp. 83-93).
  21. Dolev, S., Fatourou, P., & Kosmas, E. (2013). Abort Free SemanticTM by Dependency Aware Scheduling of Transactional Instructions. 5th Workshop on the Theory of Transactional Memory TransForm/EuroTM WTTM 2013 , Jerusalem, Israel, October 13.
  22. Baryannis, G., Garefalakis, P., Kritikos, K., Magoutis, K., Papaioannou, A., Plexousakis, D., & Zeginis, Ch. (2013). Lifecycle Management of Service-based Applications on Multi-Clouds: A Research Roadmapin Proceedings of the International Workshop on Multi-cloud Applications and Federated Clouds (MultiCloud 2013). In conjunction with 4th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering Jointly organized by FP7-ICT projects MODAClouds, PaaSage and ARTIST, Prague, Czech Republic , 21st to 24th April 2013.
  23. Bushkov, V.B, Dziuma, D.D, Fatourou, P., & Guerraoui, R.G (2013). Snapshot Isolation Does Not Scale Either. 5th Workshop on the Theory of Transactional Memory TransForm/EuroTM WTTM 2013, Jerusalem, Israel, October 13.
  24. Ellen, F., Fatourou, P., Kosmas, E., Milani, A., & Travers, C. (2013). Wait-Free Universal Constructions that ensure Timestamp-Ignoring Disjoint-Access Parallelism. 5th Workshop on the Theory of Transactional Memory TransForm/EuroTM WTTM 2013, Jerusalem, Israel, October 13.
  25. Dolev, S., Fatourou, P., & Kosmas, E. (2013). Abort Free SemanticTM by Dependency Aware Scheduling of Transactional InstructionsProceedings of the 8th ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Transactional Computing (TRANSACT), Houston, TX, USA , March 17.
  26. Chinis, G., Pratikakis , P., Athanasopoulos, E., & Ioannidis, S. (2013). Practical Information Flow for Legacy Web Applications Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Implementation, Compilation, Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages, Programs and Systems, ICOOOLPS'13 , Montpellier, France, July (pp. 17-28). ACM.
  27. Skarlatos, D, Pratikakis , P., & Pnevmatikatos, D. (2013). Towards Reliable Task Parallel Programs . 5th Workshop on Design for Reliability (DFR 2013) , January 21-23. Berlin, Germany.
  28. Akram, S., Marazakis, M., & Bilas, A. (2012). Energy Inefficiency of Operating System Layers for Data-centric Infrastructures. 2nd workshop on Systems for Future Multi-core Architectures (SFMA'12). In conjunction with Eurosys'12, April 2012. Bern, Switzerland.
  29. Chalkiadaki, M., & Magoutis, K. (2012). Managing Service Performance in NoSQL Distributed Storage Systems. Proceedings of the 7th Middleware for Next-Generation Internet Computing (MW4NG) Workshop of the 13th International Middleware Conference 2012, December 3-7. Montreal, Canada.
  30. Akram, S., Marazakis, M., & Bilas, A. (2012). NUMA Implications for Storage I/O Throughput in Modern Servers. 3rd Workshop on Computer Architecture and Operating System co-design (CAOS'12). In conjunction with the 7th International Conference on High-Performance Embedded Architectures and Compilers (HiPEAC'12),  , January 2012. Paris, France.
  31. Pratikakis , P., Vandierendonck, H., Lyberis, S., & Nikolopoulos, D.S. (2011). A programming model for deterministic task parallelism. Proceedings of the 2011 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Memory Systems Performance and Correctness, MSPC '11, San Jose, California, (pp. 7-12). New York, NY, USA: ACM (978-1-4503-0794-9).
  32. Akram, S., & Bilas, A. (2011). A sleep-based communication mechanism to adapt processor utilization in distributed streaming systems. In 2nd Workshop on Computer Architecture and Operating System co-design (CAOS'11). In conjunction with the 6th International Conference on High-Performance Embedded Architectures and Compilers (HiPEAC'11), Heraklion, Greece, January 2011.
  33. Passas, G., Katevenis, M.G.H., & Pnevmatikatos, D. (2011). VLSI Micro-Architectures for High-Radix Crossbar Schedulers. Proc. 5th ACM/IEEE Int. Symp. on Networks-on-Chip (NOCS 2011), Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 1-4 May (8 pages). (978-1-4503-0720-8).

Papers in Proceedings (abstract reviewed)

  1. Ploumidis, M., Psistakis, A., Asiminakis, M., Xirouchakis, P., Gianioudis, M., Peristerakis, P., Chaix, F., Papaefstathiou, V., Chrysos, N., & Katevenis , M. (2018). Exploiting the ExaNeSt Communication Primitives for a High Performance MPI LibraryExascaleHPC: the ExaNoDe, ExaNeSt, EcoScale, and EuroEXA projects, in conjunction with the HiPEAC 2018 Conference, Manchester, UK, 23 January.

Key-note addresses (Talks)

  1. Katevenis, M.G.H., & Chrysos, N. (2016). Challenges and Opportunities in Exascale-Computing Interconnects. 1st International Workshop on Advanced Interconnect Solutions and Technologies for Emerging Computing Systems (AISTECS 2016), held in conjunction with the HiPEAC 2016 Conference , Prague, Czech Republic, 18 January.
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