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White Papers

  1. Charlier, P., Delvaux, A., Devlies, J.H., Eriksson, H., Gremy, F., Hickey, K.J., Micossi, P., Monteagudo, J.L., Rossing, N., Sanderson, G., Sannes, I., Smedema, K., Stephanidis, C., Tolppanen, E-M., Van Bemmel, J.H., Van Eimeren , W, Vöge, K., Healy, J.C., Karp, P., Lacombe, J., Atkinson, P., Martinelli, L., & Baig, S.S. (1997). Report of the Strategic Requirements Board.  Telematics Applications Programme, Sector Health Care.
  2. Stephanidis, C. (1994). Universal Access to Telecommunication Services in Europe - The Guy Cobut report.  Brussels, Belgium: European Commission DG XIII COST 219 project (58 pages).
  3. Stephanidis, C., Savidis, A., Homatas, G., Spyridou, N., Sfyrakis, M., & Weber, G. (1991). Access to Graphical User Interfaces by blind people.  Sponsored by the European Commission DG XII Concerted Action Programme on Technology and Blindness of the COMAC-BME. UK: RNIB (ISBN 0-901797-64-2, 68 pages).

Blog Posts

  1. Galanakis, G., Zabulis, X., Evdaimon, Th., & Koutlemanis, P. (2021). Multimodal 3D Digitisation of a Simulated Crime Scene. Zenodo.
  2. Korozi, M., Antona, M., & Stephanidis, C. (2018). Using technology for teaching independent-living skills to children with cognitive disabilities. Blog-post in The BERA Blog - Research Matters, Wednesday 7 November 2018.
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