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Publications of Computer Architecture and VLSI Systems Laboratory (CARV)

Technical & Research Reports (252)


  1. Klonatos, Y. (2011). Design and Evaluation of Solid-State Drive (SSD) Caches to Improve Storage I/O PerformanceΣχεδιασμός και Αξιολόγηση Κρυφών μνημών με Solid-State Drives (SSD)για τη βελτίωση της απόδοσης της Ε/Ε αποθήκευσης

ICS-FORTH Technical Reports

  1. Fatourou, P., Kosmas, E., & Chatzinikolaou, K.C. (2023). A FIRST APPROACH TOWARDS DESIGNING NUMA-AWARE CONCURRENT PRIORITY QUEUES.  (2023.TR485_NUMA-Aware_Concurrent_Priority_Queues.pdf).
  2. Fatourou, P., Palpanas, T., Kosmas, E., & Paterakis, G. (2023). FreSh: A Lock-Free Data Series Index.  (2023.TR489_FreSh_A_LockFree_Data_Series_Index.pdf).
  3. Wei, Y., Blelloch, G. E., Fatourou, P., & Ruppert, E. (2023). Practically and Theoretically Efficient Garbage Collection for Multiversioning.  (2023.TR490_Practically_and_Theoretically_Efficient_Garbage_Collection_for_Multiversioning.pdf).
  4. Ploumidis, M., Chaix, F., Chrysos, N., Assiminakis , A.M., Flouris, V., Kallimanis, N., Kossifidis, N., Nikoloudakis, M., Petrakis, P., Dimou, N., Gianioudis, M., Ieronymakis, G., Ioannou, A., Kalokairinos, G., Xirouchakis, P., Ailamakis, G., Damianakis, A., Ligerakis, M., Makris , M.I., Vavouris, Th., Katevenis , M., Papaefstathiou, V., Marazakis, M., & Mavroidis, I. (2023). The ExaNeSt Prototype: Evaluation of Efficient HPC Communication Hardware in an ARM-based Multi-FPGA Rack.  (2023.TR488_The_Exanest_Prototype_Efficient_HPC_ARM-based_Multi-FPGA_Rack.pdf).
  5. Delporte-Gallet, C., Fatourou, P., Fauconnier, H., & Ruppert, E. (2023). When is Recoverable Consensus Harder Than Consensus ?.  (2023.TR491_When_Is_Recoverable_Consensus_Harder_Than_Consensus.pdf).
  6. Fatourou, P., Kallimanis, N., & Kosmas, E. (2022). Persistent Software Combining .  (2022.TR480_Persistent_Software_Combining.pdf).
  7. Fatourou, P., Kosmas, E., Palpanas, T., & Papadospyridakis, E.P (2022). Simple Data Series Indexing Techniques for a Multi-Node Environment.  (2022.TR479.Simple_Data_Series_Techniques_Multi-Node_Environment.pdf).
  8. Ben-David, N., Blelloch, G. E., Fatourou, P., Ruppert, E., Sun, Y., & Wei, Y. (2022). Space and Time Bounded Multiversion Garbage Collection.  (2022.TR482_Space_and_Time_Bounded_Multiversion_Garbage_Collection.pdf).
  9. Eleftherios , K. , Fatourou, P. (2022). Tracking in Order to Recover:Detectable Recovery of Lock-Free Data Structures .  (2022.TR481_Detectable_Recovery_Lock-Free_Data_Structures.pdf).
  10. Vardas, I. (2020). Process Placement Optimizations and Heterogeneity Extensions to the Slurm Resource Manager.  (2020.TR477_MPI_parallel_jobs_Slurm_resource_manager_extensions.pdf).
  11. Kanellou, E.K., Chrysos, N.I., & Bilas, A. (2018). Αccelerator Deployment Models for Heterogeneous Processing Nodes and Datacenters.  (2018.TR473_Accelerator_Deployment_Models_Heterogeneous_Processing.pdf).
  12. Kolokasis, I.G., & Pratikakis , P. (2018). Cut to Fit: Tailoring the Partitioning to the Computation.  (2018.TR469_Cut_To_Fit_Partitioning_Evaluation.pdf).
  13. Fatourou, P., & Ruppert, E. (2018). Persistent Non-Blocking Binary Search Trees Supporting Wait-Free Range Queries .  (2018.TR470_Persistent_non_Blocking_Binary_Search_Trees.pdf).
  14. Zakkak, F. S. (2017). Java on Scalable Memory Architectures.  (2017.TR464_JAVA_on_Scalable_Memory_Architectures.pdf).
  15. Zakkak, F. S., & Pratikakis , P. (2016). DiSquawk: 512 cores, 512 memories, 1 JVM.  (2016.TR470_DiSquawk_512cores_512memories.pdf).
  16. Fatourou, P., Kallimanis, N., Kanellou, E.K., Makridakis, O., & Symeonidou, C. (2015). Distributed data structures for future many-core architectures.  (2015.TR447.Apr2015.pdf).
  17. Poulios, P.D. (2015). Low-Latency Implementation of Network Sockets over Remote DMA.  (2015.TR455_Low-Latency_Network_Sockets_Remote_DMA.pdf).
  18. Velegrakis, J.V. (2015). Operating System Mechanisms for Remote Resource Utilization in ARM Microservers.  (2015.TR452_Operating_System_Mechanisms_ARM_Microservers.pdf).
  19. Kallimanis, N., & Fatourou, P. (2014). The Power of Scheduling-Aware Synchronization.  (2014.TR442_Scheduling-Aware_Synchronization.pdf).
  20. Sfakianakis, Y.S, Mavridis, S., Fountoulakis, M., Papageorgiou, S.P, Chasapis, K., Papagiannis, A., Marazakis, M., & Bilas, A. (2014). Vanguard:Increasing Server Utilization via Workload Isolation in the Storage I/O Path.  (TR446_Vanguard_Increasing_Server_Utilization_Storage.pdf).
  21. Lyberis, S. (2013). Myrmics: A Scalable Runtime System for Global Address Spaces.  (2013.TR436_Myrmics_Scalable_Runtime_System_Global_Address_Spaces.pdf).
  22. Bushkov, V.B, Fatourou, P., & Dziuma, D.D, Guerraoui, R.G (2013). Snapshot Isolation Does Not Scale Either.  (2013.TR437_Snapshot_Isolation_Does_Not_Scale_Either.pdf).
  23. Dziuma, D.D, Fatourou, P., & Kanellou, E.K. (2013). Survey on consistency conditions.  (2013.TR439_Survey_on_Consistency_Conditions.pdf).
  24. Tzenakis, G., Papatriantafyllou, A., Zakkak, F. S., Vandierendonck, H., Pratikakis , P., & Nikolopoulos, D. (2012). BDDT: Block-level Dynamic Dependence Analysis for Deterministic Task-Based Parallelism.  (2012.TR426_Block-level_Dynamic_Dependence_Analysis_for_Deterministic_Task-Based_Parallelism.pdf).
  25. Pratikakis , P., Chinis, G, Athanasopoulos, E., & Ioannidis, S. (2012). Practical Information Flow for Legacy Web Applications.  (2012.TR428_Practical-Information_Flow_for_Legacy_Web_Applications.pdf).
  26. Lyberis, S., & Kalokairinos, G. (2012). The 512-core Formic Hardware Prototype : Architecture Manual & Programmer's Model.  (2012.TR430_The_512-core_Formic_Hardware_Prototype.pdf).
  27. Passas, G. (2012). VLSI Micro-Architectures for High-Radix Crossbars.  (2012.TR427_VLSI_Micro-Architectures_High-Radix_Crossbars.pdf).
  28. Tsaliagos, D. (2011). Design and Implementation of a Directory based Cache Coherence Protocol.  (2011.TR418_Directory_based_Cache_Coherence_Protocol.pdf).
  29. Kavadias, S.G. (2010). Direct Communication and Synchronization Mechanisms in Chip Multiprocessors.  (2010.TR411_Direct_Communication_Synchr_Mechanisms_Chip_Multiprocessors.pdf).
  30. Nikiforos, G. (2010). FPGA implementation of a cache controller with configurable scratchpad space.  (2010.TR402_FPGA_Cache_Controller.pdf).
  31. Mihelogiannakis, G. (2007). Approaching Ideal NoC Latency with Pre-Configured Routes.  (2007.TR391_Approaching_Ideal_NoC_Latency.pdf).
  32. Papamichael, M. (2007). Network Interface Architecture and Prototyping for Chip and Cluster Multiprocessors.  (2007.TR392_Network_Interface_Architecture_Chip_Cluster_Multiprocessors.pdf).
  33. Chrysos, N.I. (2007). Request-Grant Scheduling for Congestion Elimination in Multistage Networks.  (2007.TR388_Congestion_Elimination_Multistage_Networks.pdf).
  34. Apostolopoulos, G. (2006). Building Extensible and Robust Networking Systems using Virtual Machines.  (2006.TR384_Extensible_Robust_Networking_Systems.pdf).
  35. Vlachos, E. (2006). Design and Implementation of a Coherent Memory Sub-System for Shared Memory Multiprocessors.  (2006.TR382_Coherent_Memory_Sub-System_Multiprocessors.pdf).
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  37. Apostolopoulos, G., & Ciurea, I. (2006). Reducing the Forwarding State Requirements of Point-to-Multipoint Trees Using MPLS Multicast.  (2006.TR367_Reducing_Requirements_Point-to-Multipoint_Trees.pdf).
  38. Flouris, M.D., Lachaize, R., & Bilas, A. (2006). Shared & Flexible Block I/0 for Cluster-Based Storage.  (2006.TR380_Shared_Flexible_Block_Cluster-Based_Storage.pdf).
  39. Apostolopoulos, G. (2006). Using Multiple Topologies for IP-only Protection Against Network Failures: A Routing Performance Perspective.  (2006.TR377_Routing_Performance_Perspective.pdf).
  40. Apostolopoulos, G., & Chasapis, K. (2006). V-eM: A Cluster of Virtual Machines for Robust, Detailed, and High-Performance Network Emulation.  (2006.TR371_V-eM_Cluster_of_Virtual_Machines.pdf).
  41. Matthaiakis, P. (2005). Study of the inter and intra die variability of the SPARTAN 2E FPGA using dual rail circuits.  (2005.TR361_Spartan_2E_FPGA_using_dual_rail_circuits.pdf).
  42. Kounalakis, E. (2005). The Mythical IP Block: An Investigation of Contemporary IP Characteristics.  (2005.TR366.Mythical_IP_Block.pdf).
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M.S. Theses

  1. Kalyvianakis, G. (2022). An Efficient OpenSHMEM Implementation. 
  2. Nikoloudakis, M. (2022). Design and Implementation of a Write Based version of the Exanet MPI. 
  3. Oikonomidou, M. (2022). Multi-layer bipartite structural features to analyze YouTube Social Network. March 2022.
  4. Mousouros, O. (2022). Stream communication across RISC-V Coherence Islands, with Read-Invalidate and Write-through-Combine Cache Policies. 
  5. Xanthakis, G. (2021). Balancing Garbage Collection vs I/O Amplification using hybrid Key-Value Placement in LSM-based Key-Value Stores. July 2021.
  6. Mastorakis, I. (2021). Design and implementation of a scalable IOMMU for RISC-V architectures. July 2021.
  7. Totomis, S. (2021). Design and implementation of cache coherence engines for RISC-V systems. November 2021.
  8. Giortamis, E. (2021). Elastic resource allocation for a structural design application. July 2021.
  9. Katevenis Bitzos, G. (2021). Hierarchical shared address space MPI Collectives, for multi/many-core processors. November 2021.
  10. Vardoulakis, M. (2021). Tebis: efficient index replication for persistent LSM-based key-value stores. November 2021.
  11. Kolokasis, I.G. (2021). TeraCache: efficient Spark caching over fast storage devices. March 2021.
  12. Giaourtas, M. (2020). Design-space exploration of FPGA architectures for efficient HPC acceleration. March 2020.
  13. Kiosterakis, Ch. (2020). Efficient implementations of concurrent snapshot objects. March 2020.
  14. Kalaentzis, G. (2020). Embedding key-value stores in object and database services. November 2020.
  15. Mageiropoulos, E. (2020). Implementing convolutional neural networks in a cluster of interconnected FPGAs using Vivado HLS. November 2020.
  16. Xirouchakis, P. (2019).  Design and Implementation of the Send Part of an Advanced RDMA Engine. July 2019.
  17. Papavasileiou, E. (2019). Concurrent lock-free binary search tree implementations with range query support. July 2019.
  18. Psistakis, A. (2019). Handling of memory page faults during virtual-address RDMA. November 2019.
  19. Mikrou, S. (2019). Power and performance analysis of key-value stores on ARM and x86 based servers. November 2019.
  20. Vardas, I. (2019). Process placement optimizations and heterogeneity extensions to the Slurm resource manager. November 2019.
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