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Papers in Proceedings (full-paper reviewed)

  1. Zioutos, K., Kondylakis, H., & Stefanidis, K. (2022). SHARE: A Framework for Personalized and Healthy Recipe Recommendations. 5th International Workshop on Health Data Management in the Era of AI 2023, HeDAI .
  2. Agathangelos, G., Troullinou, G., Kondylakis, H., & Plexousakis, D. (2019). Efficient Query Answering over big RDF data using Spark. The 13th International Workshop on Information Search, Integration, and Personalization, 2019 , 09-10/05/2019. Ieee Size of Audience (for events): 100 .
  3. Zervoudakis, P., Kondylakis, H., Plexousakis, D., & Spyratos, N. (2019). Incremental Evaluation of Continuous Analytic Queries on a High-Level Query Language. The 13th International Workshop on Information Search, Integration, and Personalization, 2019 , 09-10/05/2019. Ieee.
  4. Athinaiou, Ch, Kondylakis, H. (2019). VESEL: VisuaL Exploration of Schema Evolution using Provenance Queries. EDBT/ICDT Workshops , Lisbon, Portugal, 26/03/2019.
  5. Kondylakis, H., Rao, P., & Stefanidis, K. (2018). Semantic Web Technologies for Health Data Management. First International Workshop on Semantic Web Technologies for Health Data Management (SWH 2018), (
  6. Stratigi, M., Kondylakis, H., & Stefanidis, K. (2018). The FairGRecs Dataset: A Dataset for Producing Health-related Recommendations. First International Workshop on Semantic Web Technologies for Health Data Management (SWH 2018), (
  7. Pampouchidou, A., Simantiraki, O., Fazlollahi, A., Pediaditis, M., Manousos, D., Roniotis, A., Giannakakis, G., Meriaudeau, F., Simos, P.G., Marias, K., Yang, Q., & Tsiknakis, M.N. (2016). Depression Assessment by Fusing High and Low Level Features from Audio, Video, and Text . The 6th Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge and Workshop, ACM-Multimedia , Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 16th, 2016 (pp. 27-34). ACM Press (
  8. Troullinou, G., Roussakis, I., Kondylakis, H., Stefanidis, K., & Flouris, G. (2016). Understanding Ontology Evolution Beyond Deltas. EDBT/ICDT Workshops.
  9. Minadakis, N., Marketakis, Y., Kondylakis, H., Flouris, G., Theodoridou, M., de Jong, G., & Doerr, M. (2015). X3ML Framework: An effective suite for supporting data mappings, ExtendingProceedings of the Workshop on Extending, Mapping and Focusing the CRM co-located with 19th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (2015), Poznań, Poland, September 17, 2015. CEUR Workshop Proceedings 1656, 2016, (pp. 1-12).
  10. Kondylakis, H., & Plexousakis, D. (2014). Exploring RDF/S Evolution using Provenance Queries. 1st International Workshop on Exploratory Search in Databases and the Web (ExploreDB), Co-located with EDBT/ICDT, Athens, Greece, March 28, 2014 (pp. 176-181).
  11. Triantafillou, S., Tsamardinos, I., & Roumpelaki, A. (2014). Learning Neighborhoods of High Confidence in Constraint-Based Causal Discovery7th European Workshop, PGM 2014, Utrecht, The Netherlands, September 17-19 (pp. 487-502). Springer (978-3-319-11432-3).
  12. Louloudakis, N., Theodosiadis, V.T, Kondylakis, H., & Stefanidis, K. (2014). NaviSoc: A Socially Enhanced Real-time NavigatorData Mining Workshop, IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), (pp. 797-803).
  13. Papakonstantinou, V., Flouris, G., Fundulaki, I., & Kondylakis, H. (2014). Securing Access to Sensitive RDF DataValentina Presutti, Eva Blomqvist, Raphaël Troncy, Harald Sack, Ioannis Papadakis, Anna Tordai: The Semantic Web: ESWC 2014 Satellite Events - ESWC 2014 Satellite Events, Anissaras, Crete, Greece, May 25-29, 2014, Revised Selected Papers., May 25-29 (vol. 8798, pp. 455-460). Springer ( ISBN 978-3-319-11954-0).
  14. Tzedakis, G., Grekas, G., Tzamali, E., Marias, K., & Sakkalis, V. (2014). The importance of grid size and boundary conditions in discrete tumour growth modeling. In: Advanced Research Workshop on In Silico Oncology and Cancer Investigation - The TUMOR Project Workshop (IARWISOCI), 2014 6th International. IEEE; 2014:1-4..
  15. Kleisarchaki, S., Kotzinos, D., Tsamardinos, I., & Christophides, V. (2013). A Methodological Framework for Statistical Analysis of Social Text Stream. International Workshop on Information Search, Integration and Personalization (ISIP 2012).
  16. Lagani, V., Tsamardinos, I., Grammatikou, M., & Garinis, G. (2011). A Genome-Wide Study of the Effect of Aging on Level-2 Gene-Ontology Categories in Mice Using Mixed Models. The 5th International Workshop on Data Mining in Functional Genomics and Proteomics: Current Trends and Future Directions, ECML PKDD 2011, Athens, Greece, 5-9 September.
  17. Spanakis, E.G., Traganitis, A.P., & Ephremides, A. (2011). Cross Layer Multicast Rate Adaptation in Wireless Networks. Euro-NF International Workshop on Traffic and Congestion Control for the Future Internet, Volos, Greece, 31 March – 1 April, 2011.
  18. Kartakis, S., Tourlakis, P., Sakkalis, V., Zacharioudakis, G., & Stephanidis, C. (2011). Enhancing the patient experience through Ambient Intelligence applications in health care. In the Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence (UCAmI '11), Riviera Maya, Mexico, 5-9 December.
  19. Koumakis, L., Potamias, G.A., Zervakis, M.E., & Moustakis, V.A. (2011). Integrating microarray data and gene regulatory networks: Survey and critical considerations. 10th International Workshop on Biomedical Engineering, Kos, Greece 5-7 October 2011.
  20. Pediaditis, M., Tsiknakis, M.N., Bologna, V., & Vorgia, P. (2011). Model-Free Vision-Based Facial Motion Analysis in Epilepsy. 10th International Workshop on Biomedical Engineering (BioEng 2011). Kos, Greece .
  21. Papadakis, N., Petrakis, N., Plexousakis, D., & Kondylakis, H. (2010). A Solution to the Ramification Problem Expressed in Temporal Description LogicsIn Proceedings of the International Workshop on New Forms of Reasoning for the Semantic Web: Scalable and Dynamic (at ESWC 2010), Heraklion, Greece, May 2010.
  22. Kondylakis, H., Plexousakis, D., & Tzitzikas, Y. (2010). Ontology Evolution in Data Integration. In Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Ontology Dynamics IWOD - 2010, Shanghai, China, November 8.
  23. Kondylakis, H., Plexousakis, D., Wache, H., Feldkamp, D., Hinkelmann, K., & Bergmayr, A. (2010). Semantic technology to enable business and IT alignment. in Proceedings of the EKAW 2010 Workshop on Open Knowledge Models, Lisbon, Portugal.
  24. Chronaki, C. (2008). Workshop on European Network on eHealth Consumer Trends. MIE Workshop, May 2008.
  25. Vourvahakis, D., Giannakoudakis, N., Zeaki, M., Zervopoulos, M., Malliotakis, H., Loukos, J., Trypakis, D., Chiarugi, F., & Chronaki, C. (2004). ECG Management in Prehospital and Emergency Care. presented at the 2nd OpenECG Workshop, Berlin, 1-3 April. (pdf).
  26. Chiarugi, F., Trypakis, D., & Spanakis, E.G. (2004). Problems and solutions for storing and sharing data from medical devices in eHealth applications. 2nd OpenECG Workshop, 1-3 April 2004 Berlin.
  27. Chiarugi, F., Lees, P.J., & Moumouris, K. (2004). The OpenECG Portal: Report on Its Usage by Members and Visitors. 2nd OpenECG Workshop, Berlin, Germany, April 2004.

Papers in Proceedings (abstract reviewed)

  1. Troullinou, G., Kondylakis, H., & Plexousakis, D. (2016). Semantic Partitioning for RDF Datasets. In Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Information Search, Integration, and Personalization (ISIP 2016), Lyon, France, 3-4 November.
  2. Moen, A., Chronaki, C., Sonnenschein, M., Dorner, B., Santana, S.M.V., Mykkänen, J., Stegwee, R., Jaffe, C., Fayn, J., & Hay, C. (2011). Healthcare Information Standards for Active Aging: State of Play for Patient Summaries. Innovation Partnerships track of Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) Oslo, Norway, Aug 2011 .


  1. Latsoudis, H., Loulakaki, M., Pavlidis , P., Kanterakis, A., Mavroudi, I., Fragiadaki, I., Gontika, I., & Papadaki, H. A .  (2022). P1352: THE INTRA-POPULATION HLA DIVERSITY IN CRETE AND THE IMPORTANCE OF THE REGIONAL PUBLIC UMBILICAL CORD BLOOD BANK IN HLA-BASED DONOR SELECTION FOR ALLOGENEIC HEMATOPOIETIC STEM CELL TRANSPLANTATION. HemaSphere, LWW, June (vol. 6, pp. 1237-1238). DOI: 10.1097/01.HS9.0000848272.66784.75.
  2. Parasiraki, E., Oraiopoulou, M.E., Psycharakis , S., Sakkalis, V., Vakis, A., Zacharakis, G., & Papamatheakis, J. (2016). Comparing primary to cell line glioblastoma cells in 2D and 3D cultures: A preliminary study. EMBO Workshop, Spetses, Greece, August 2016.
  3. Oraiopoulou, M.E., Avtzi, S., Psycharakis , S., Tzamali, E., Sakkalis, V., Papamatheakis, J., Vakis, A., & Zacharakis, G. (2016). Imaging glioblastoma pathophysiology on animal and 3D cell culture models to improve in silico predictability. 1st ESMI Imaging Technology Summer Workshop – TOPIM TECH, Chania, Crete, Greece.
  4. Spanakis, E.G., Sakkalis, V., Marias, K., Dong, F., & Tsiknakis, M.N. (2014). MyHealthAvatar: The digital patient perspective1st International Summer School on eCare - Integrated, sustainable home care, organized August 25 - 29, 2014 in Ghent, Belgium,  ("Best Poster Award").
  5. Kakoulis, K.G., & Tollis, I.G. (2010). Placing Edge Labels by Modifying an Orthogonal Graph Drawing. Graph Drawing - 18th International Symposium, GD 2010, Konstanz, Germany, 21-24 September (pp. 395-396).
  6. Zywietz, C., Chronaki, C., Chiarugi, F., Lees, P.J., Conforti, F., Macerata, A., Bruun-Rasmussen, M., & Ruiz-Fernandez, R. (2002). OpenECG: a European Project to Promote the SCP-ECG Standard. Poster at TICD, Telemedicine In Care Delivery Symposium.

Key-note addresses (Talks)

  1. Chronaki, C. (2006). Research and Technological Development to support Primary Care. at FORTH in MIMP (Development of curriculum for a Masters degree in Medical Informatics in Egypt.) workshop, September 7.

Edited Proceedings

  1. Stefanidis, K., Rao, P., Kondylakis, H., & Troullinou, G. (2020). Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Semantic Web Meets Health Data Management (SWH 2020) . {CEUR} Workshop Proceedings, The 19th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2020), Athens, Greece, 02/11 (pp. 2759). Open - Access: Green.
  2. Stefanidis, K., Rao, P., Parry, D., Kondylakis, H., & Troullinou, G. (2019). Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Semantic Web Meets Health Data Management (SWH 2019) Co-located with the 18th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2019), Auckland, New Zealand, October 26, 2019. CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2515, 2019 .
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