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Publications of (DiSCS)

Technical & Research Reports (89)

ICS-FORTH Technical Reports

  1. Tsioliaridou, N. A., & Ioannidis, S. (2014). Building Software Defined Materials with Nanonetworks.  (2014.TR447_Software_Defined_Materials_Nanonetworks.pdf).
  2. Pratikakis , P., Chinis, G, Athanasopoulos, E., & Ioannidis, S. (2012). Practical Information Flow for Legacy Web Applications.  (2012.TR428_Practical-Information_Flow_for_Legacy_Web_Applications.pdf).
  3. Gessiou, E., Athanasopoulos, E., & Ioannidis, S. (2011). Digging up Social Structures from Documents on the Web.  (2011.TR412_Social_Structures_Documents_on_the_web.pdf).
  4. Gessiou, E., Hieu Vu, Q., & Ioannidis, S. (2011). IRILD: an Information Retrieval based method for Information Leak Detection.  (2011.TR413_IRILD.pdf).
  5. Ligouras, S. (2011). Protecting the Social Graph: Client-side mitigation of Cross-Site Content Forgery attacks. Προστατεύοντας τον Κοινωνικό Γράφο: Αντιμετώπιση Cross-Site Content Forgery επιθέσεων στην πλευρά του χρήστη
  6. Kapravelos, A., Polakis, I., Athanasopoulos, E., Ioannidis, S., & Markatos, E.P. (2009). Digital is Calling the Analog : Robust Prevention of Dial Attacks.  (2009.TR399_Robust_Prevention_Dial_Attacks.pdf).
  7. Athanasopoulos, E., Pappas, V., Ligouras, S., & Markatos, E.P. (2009). JS : Lightweight Cross-Site Scripting Prevention Using Isolation Operators.  (2009.TR400_Lightweight_Cross-Site_Scripting.pdf).
  8. Anagnostakis, K.G., Antonatos, S., & Markatos, E.P. (2006). Honey@home: A New Approach to Large-Scale Threat Monitoring.  (2006.TR378_Large-Scale_Threat_Monitoring.pdf).
  9. Athanasopoulos, E., & Markatos, E.P. (2006). Misusing Unstructured P2P Systems to Perform DoS Attacks:The Network that Never Forgets.  (2006.TR370_Misusing_Unstructured_P2P_Systems.pdf).
  10. Polychronakis, M., Anagnostakis, K.G., & Markatos, E.P. (2006). Network-Level Polymorphic Shellcode Detection Using Emulation.  (2006.TR368_Network_Level_Polymorphic_Shellcode_Detection.pdf).
  11. Anagnostakis, K.G., Antonatos, S., Akritidis, P., & Markatos, E.P. (2005). Defending against Hitlist Worms using Network Address Space Randomization.  (2005.TR349_Network_Address_Space_Randomization_Against_Worms.pdf).
  12. Anagnostakis, K.G., Sidiroglou, S., Akritidis, P., Xinidis, K., Markatos, E.P., & Keromytis, A.D. (2005). Detecting Targeted Attacks Using Shadow Honeypots.  (2005.TR348_Targeted_Attacks_Shadow_Honeypots.pdf).
  13. Charitakis, I., Anagnostakis, K.G., & Markatos, E.P. (2004). A Network-Processor-Based Traffic Splitter for Intrusion Detection.  (2004.TR342_Network_Processor_Traffic_Splitter_Intrusion_Detection.pdf).
  14. Charitakis, I., Anagnostakis, K.G., & Markatos, E.P. (2003). An Active Traffic Splitter Architecture for Intrusion Detection.  (2003.TR323.Active_Traffic_Splitter.pdf).
  15. Antonatos, S., Anagnostakis, K.G., Markatos, E.P., & Polychronakis, M. (2002, December 2002). Benchmarking and Design of String Matching Intrusion Detection Systems. Technical Report 315. December 2002.
  16. Anagnostakis, K.G., Antonatos, S., Markatos, E.P., & Polychronakis, M. (2002, October 2002). E2 XB: A Domain-Specific String Matching Algorithm for Intrusion Detection. Technical Report 311. October 2002.
  17. Markatos, E.P., Antonatos, S., Polychronakis, M., & Anagnostakis, K.G. (2002, October 2002). Exclusion-based signature matching for intrusion detection.  (2002.TR310.String_Matching_for_Intrusion_Detection.pdf).
  18. Portokalidis, G., Markatos, E.P., & Marazakis, M. (2002, October 2002). Study and Bridging of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems.  (2002.TR312.Bridging_Peer-to-Peer_File_Sharing_Systems.pdf).
  19. Markatos, E.P. (2001). Speeding up TCP / IP : Faster Processors are not Enough.  (
  20. Markatos, E.P. (2001). Tracing a large-scale Peer to Peer System:an hour in the life of Gnutella.  (2001.TR298.Tracing_Peer_to_Peer_System.pdf).
  21. Lalis, S., & Karipidis, A. (2000). An Open Market-Based Architecture for Distributed Computing.  (
  22. Markatos, E.P., Pnevmatikatos, D., Flouris, M.D., & Katevenis, M.G.H. (2000, October 2000). Web-Conscious Storage Management for Web Proxies.  (2000.TR275.Web_Conscious_Storage_Management_Web_Proxies.pdf).
  23. Mavroidis, I., Tsalapata, H., & Kapidakis, S. (1999). Multilingual Extensions to DIENST.  (
  24. Kapidakis, S., Alexakos, P., & Tsalapata, H. (1999). Parametarization of DIENST Metadata Search Fields.  (
  25. Houstis, C.E., Lalis, S., & Tsalapata, H. (1999). THETIS: An environmental information system for the support of Coastal Zone management.  (
  26. Kapidakis, S., Sapountzis, G., & Tsalapata, H. (1999). Z39.50 Access to A Dienst Digital Library.  (
  27. Lalis, S., Marazakis, M., & Papadakis, D. (1998). Effects on an Asynchronous Resource Allocation Protocol on End-to-End Service Provision.  (1998.TR239.Asynchronous_Resource_Allocation_Protocol.pdf.gz).
  28. Lalis, S., Houstis, C.E., & Christophides, V. (1998). Exploring Knowledge for the Interactive Specification of Scientific Workflows.  (
  29. Lalis, S., Nikolaou, Ch., Papadakis, D., & Marazakis, M. (1998). Market-driven Service Allocation in a QoS-capable Environment.  (
  30. Pnevmatikatos, D., Markatos, E.P., Magklis, G.I., & Ioannidis, S. (1998). On Using Network RAM as a non-volatile Buffer.  (
  31. Nikolaou, Ch., & Marazakis, M. (1998). System Infrastructure for Digital Libraries: A Survey and Outlook.  (
  32. Nikolaou, Ch., Labrinidis, A., Volker, B., Ferguson, D., Artavanis, M., Kloukinas, Ch., & Marazakis, M. (1998). The Impact of Workload Clustering on Transaction Routing.  (
  33. Houstis, C.E., Nikolaou, Ch., Lalis, S., Kapidakis, S., & Christopides, V. (1998). Towards a next generation of open scientific data repositories and services.  (
  34. Houstis, C.E., Nikolaou, Ch., Marazakis, M., Patrikalakis, N., Pito, R., Sairamesh, J., & Thomasic, A. (1997). Design of a Data Repositories Collection and Data Visualization System for Coastal Zone Management of the Mediterranean Sea.  (
  35. Nikolaou, Ch., Houstis, C.E., Sairamesh, J., & Patrikalakis, N. (1997). Impact of Scientific Advanced Networks for the Transfer of Knowledge and Technology in the Field of Coastal Zones.  (
  36. Sairamesh, J., Kapidakis, S., Terzis, S., & Nikolaou, Ch. (1997). Performance Framework for QoS based Searching and Retrieval in Digital Libraries.  (
  37. Terzis, S. (1997). Performance Monitoring in Digital Library Systems.  (
  38. Marazakis, M., Papadakis, D., & Nikolaou, Ch. (1997). The Aurora Architecture for Developing Network-Centric Applications by Dynamic Composition of Services.  (
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  40. Markatos, E.P. (1997). Tracing a large-scale Peer to Peer System: an hour in the life of Gnutella. 
  41. Paragios, N., & Tziritas, G. (1996). Adaptive Detection and Localization of Moving Objects in Image Sequences.  (
  42. Anastasiadi, A., Kapidakis, S., Sairamesh, J., & Nikolaou, Ch. (1996). Economic Models for Resource Allocation and Services in Distributed Information Systems.  (
  43. Saridakis, T. (1995). ArrayTracer:A Parallel Performance Analysis Tool.  (
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  45. Paragios, N., & Tziritas, G. (1995). Detection and location of moving objects using deterministic relaxation algorithms.  (
  46. Kapidakis, S., & Mavronikolas, M. (1995). Distributed, Low Contention Task Allocation.  (
  47. Busch, C., & Mavronikolas, M. (1995). Impossibility Results for Threshold Networks.  (
  48. Patras, I., Alvertos, N., & Tziritas, G. (1995). Joint disparity and motion field estimation in stereoscopic image sequences.  (
  49. Marazakis, M. (1995). Simulation of TP Systems and a Study of Methods for Performance Goal Satisfaction.  (
  50. Marakakis, M., & Nikolaou, Ch. (1995). Towards Adaptive Scheduling of Tasks in Transactional Workflows.  (
  51. Chung, J.Y., Ferguson, D., Wang, G., Nikolaou, Ch., & Teng, J. (1994). Goal oriented dynamic buffer pool management for data base systems.  (
  52. Busch, C., & Mavronikolas, M. (1994). Providing Correctness for Balancing Networks.  (
  53. Markatos, E.P. (1993). How Architecture Evolution Influences the Scheduling Discipline used in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors.  (
  54. Hardavellas, N., Karakos, D., & Mavronikolas, M. (1993). Notes on Sorting and Counting Networks.  (

M.S. Theses

  1. Sfakianakis, A. (2012). CensMon : a web censorship monitor
  2. Koromilas, L. (2012). Implementing an architecture for efficient network traffic processing on modern graphics hardware. 
  3. Chinis, G. (2012). Practical Information Flow for Legacy Web Applications
  4. Petsas, A.  (2012). Rise of the Planet of the Apps:A Systematic Study of the Mobile App Ecosystem. 
  5. Kontaxis, G. (2011). A Lightweight Censorship-resistant Web Access Architecture
  6. Tzermias Zacharias, Z. (2011). Combining Static and Dynamic Analysis for the Detection of Malicious Documents
  7. Zarras, A. (2011). Detecting and Defending Against Fraud in the Underground Economy
  8. Gkesiou, E. (2011). Trawling the Deep Web
  9. Krithinakis, A. (2010). RaJa: Cross-site Scripting Detection and Prevention Using Souirce Randomization. October 2010.
  10. Kapravelos, A. (2010). Robust prevention of DIAL attacks. July 2010.
  11. Makridakis, A. (2009). Antisocial Networks: Turning a Social Network into an Attack Platform . November 2009.
  12. Polakis, I.S. (2009). Exploring honeypot Technologies for malware Collection and Cyber-attack Information Acquisition. November 2009.
  13. Lekakis, V. (2009). Overlay Networks based on Selfish Neighbor Selection. 2009.
  14. Nikiforakis, N. (2009). Parasitic Storage Systems: Free, Reliable and Globally Accesible Gigabytes. 2009.
  15. Pappas, V. (2009). xJS: Fighting Cross-Site Scripting Attacks Using Isolation Operators. 2009.
  16. Vasileiadis, G. (2008). Improving the Performance of Network Intrusion Detection Systems Using Graphics Processors. December 2008.
  17. Antoniadis, D. (2007). Appmon: An Application for Accurate Per-Application Network Traffic Characterization. December 2007.
  18. Papadogiannakis, A. (2007). Improving the Performance of Passive Network Monitoring Applications. December 2007.
  19. Athanatos, E. (2007). Prototype Deployment of the Network of Affined Honeypots Architecture. December 2007.
  20. Athanasopoulos, I. (2007). Using Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems as Denial of Service Attack Platforms. May 2007.
  21. Papoutsidis, E. (2006). A Biomedical GRID Infrastructure to Enable High-performing Data Mining and Knowledge Extraction Operations. April 2006.
  22. Koukis, D.V. (2006). A Framework for Network Traffic Anonymization. April 2006.
  23. Akritidis, P. (2005). Detection of Zero-Day Worms. December 2005.
  24. Antonatos, S. (2005). Network Address Space Randomization: A Proactive Defense Against Hitlist Worms. December 2005.
  25. Moschous, E. (2005). Transcoding Techniques for Mobile Web Access using the CC/PP Protocol. December 2005.
  26. Koutsourakis, P. (2004). Segmentation using graph cuts applied to change detection. November 2004.
  27. Lelis, S. (2003). An Agent-based Model of Sites Popularity. 2003.
  28. Zikos, G. (1998). A Wavelet Based Framework for Human Face Detection and Recognition. November 1998.
  29. Kloukinas, Ch. (1997). Ομαδοποίηση "εν πτήσει" Δοσοληψιών σε Ομάδες με Παρόμοια Χαρακτηριστικά Φόρτου Εργασίας . April 1997.

Ph.D. Theses

  1. Papadakis, Ch (2011). Improving Routing in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems
  2. Athanasopoulos, E. (2011). Modern Techniques for the Detection and Prevention of Web2.0 Attacks
  3. Antoniades, D. (2011). Understanding File and Information Sharing Services in Web. 2.0
  4. Antonatos, S. (2009). Defending against known and unknown attacks using a Network of Affined Honeypots. November 2009.
  5. Polychronakis, M. (2009). Generic Detection of code Injection Attacks using network- level Emulation. November 2009.

Other Technical Reports

  1. Tsioliaridou, N. A., Liaskos, C. K., Ioannidis, S., & Dimitropoulos, X. , Pitsillides, A. (2015). Mitigating the broadcast storm in nanonetworks with 16-bits. (Submitted) TR-TNL-IRG-2015-1
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