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  1. Troullinou, E., Tsagkatakis, G., Chavlis, S., Turi, G., Li, W.-K., Losonczy, A., Tsakalides, P., & Poirazi, P. (2021). Artificial Neural Networks in Action for an Automated Cell-Type Classification of Biological Neural Networks. IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence5(5), 755-767.
  2. Pentari, A., Tzagkarakis, G., Tsakalides, P., Simos, P., Bertsias, G., Kavroulakis, E., Marias, K., Simos, N. J., & Papadaki, E. (2021). Changes in resting-state functional connectivity in neuropsychiatric Lupus: A dynamic approach based on recurrence quantification analysis. Elsevier Biomedical Signal Processing and Control72.
  3. Doutsi, E., Fillatre, L., Antonini, M., & Tsakalides, P. (2021). Dynamic Image Quantization Using Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neurons. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing30, 4305-4315.
  4. Karmiris, I., Astaras, C., Ioannou, K., Vasiliadis, I., Youlatos, D., Stefanakis, N., & Galanaki, A. (2021). Estimating Livestock Grazing Activity in Remote Areas Using Passive Acoustic Monitoring. Information12(8).
  5. Adami, I., Foukarakis, M., Ntoa, S., Partarakis, N., Stefanakis, N., Koutras, G., Kutsuras, T., Ioannidi, D., Zabulis, X., & Stephanidis, C. (2021). Monitoring Health Parameters of Elders to Support Independent Living and Improve Their Quality of Life. Sensors21(2).
  6. Tzagkarakis, G., Nolan, J., & Tsakalides, P. (2021). Robust Nonlinear Compressive Sampling Using Symmetric Alpha-Stable Distributions. Signal Processing182.
  7. Zervou, M.-A., Doutsi, E., Pavlidis , P., & Tsakalides, P. (2021). Structural Classification of Proteins Based on the Computationally Efficient Recurrence Quantification Analysis and Horizontal Visibility Graphs. Bioinformatics.
  8. Aidini, A., Tsagkatakis, G., & Tsakalides, P. (2021). Tensor Decomposition Learning for Compression of Multidimensional Signals. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing15(3), 476-490.
  9. Troullinou, E., Tsagkatakis, G., Palagina, G., Papadopouli, M., Smirnakis, S. M., & Tsakalides, P. (2020). Adversarial Dictionary Learning for a Robust Analysis and Modelling of Spontaneous Neuronal ActivityNeurocomputing388, 188-201, Elsevier.
  10. Tzagkarakis, G., & Maurer, F. (2020). An Energy-based Measure for Long-Run Horizon Risk Quantification. Annals of Operations Research289(2), 363-390.
  11. Kvakic, M., Tzagkarakis, G., Pellerin, S., Ciais, P., Goll, S., Mollier, A., & Ringeval, B. (2020). Carbon and Phosphorus Allocation in Annual Plants: An Optimal Functioning Approach. Frontiers in Plant Science11.
  12. Giannopoulos, M., Aidini, A., Pentari, A., Fotiadou, K., & Tsakalides, P. (2020). Classification of Compressed Remote Sensing Multispectral Images via Convolutional Neural Networks. MDPI Journal of Imaging, Special Issue on Multispectral Imaging6(4).
  13. Stivaktakis, R., Tsagkatakis, G., Moraes, B., Abdalla, F. B., Starck, J. L., & Tsakalides, P. (2020). Convolutional Neural Networks for Spectroscopic Redshift Estimation on Euclid Data. IEEE Transactions on Big Data6(3), 460-476.
  14. Aspri, M., Tsagkatakis, G., & Tsakalides, P. (2020). Distributed Training and Inference of Deep Learning Models for Multi-Modal Land Cover Classification. MDPI Remote Sensing, Special Issue on Computer Vision and Deep Learning for Remote Sensing Applications12(17).
  15. Geiller, T., Vancura, B., Terada, S., Troullinou, E., Chavlis, S., Tsagkatakis, G., Tsakalides, P., Ocsai, K., Poirazi, P., Rozsa, B. J., & Losonczy, A. (2020). Large-Scale 3D Two-Photon Imaging of Molecularly Identified CA1 Interneuron Dynamics in Behaving Mice. Neuron108(5), 968-983.
  16. Tzagkarakis, G., Charalampidis, P., Roubakis, S., Makrogiannakis, A., & Tsakalides, P. (2020). Quantifying the Computational Efficiency of Compressive Sensing in Smart Water Network Infrastructures. MDPI Sensors20(11).
  17. Vernardos, G., Tsagkatakis, G., & Pantazis, Y. (2020). Quantifying the Structure of Strong Gravitational Lens Potentials with Uncertainty Aware Deep Neural Networks. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
  18. Stivaktakis, R., Tsagkatakis, G., & Tsakalides, P. (2020). Semantic Predictive Coding with Arbitrated Generative Adversarial Networks. MDPI Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction2(3), 307-326.
  19. Fotiadou, K., Tsagkatakis, G., & Tsakalides, P. (2020). Snapshot High Dynamic Range Imaging via Sparse Representations and Feature Learning. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia22(3), 688-703.
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  26. Vernardos, G., & Tsagkatakis, G. (2019). Quasar Microlensing Light Curve Analysis Using Deep Machine Learning. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society486(2), 1944-1952.
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  28. Tsagkatakis, G., Aidini, A., Fotiadou, K., Giannopoulos, M., Pentari, A., & Tsakalides, P. (2019). Survey of Deep-Learning Approaches for Remote Sensing Observation Enhancement. MDPI Sensors.
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Magazine article

  1. Tsakalides, P. (2007). Αισθητήρες όλου του κόσμου, ενωθείτε. The Economist (Kathimerini)9, 8-9.


  1. Mouchtaris, A., & Tsakalides, P. (2009). The ASPIRE Project - Sensor Networks for Immersive Multimedia EnvironmentsERCIM News78, 13, July 2009.
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