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Technical & Research Reports (176)

ICS-FORTH Technical Reports

  1. Fortetsanakis, G., & Papadopouli, M. (2015). A Detailed Game-Theoretical Analysis of the WiFi Offloading in Wireless Markets.  (2015.TR461_Game_Theoretical_Analysis_WiFi_Wireless_Markets.pdf).
  2. Katsarakis, M., & Theodosiadis, V.T, Papadopouli, M. (2014). On the Evaluation of a User-centric QoS-based recommendation tool for wireless access.  (2014.TR445_QoE-based_Recommendation_Tool_Evaluation.pdf).
  3. Ploumidis, E., Pappas, N., Siris, V., & Traganitis, A.P. (2014). SHORT TERM WIRELESS CHANNEL STATE PREDICTION USING MARKOV MODELS AND SUPERVISED LEARNING.  (2014.TR448_Wireless_Channel_State_Prediction.pdf).
  4. Traganitis, A.P., Pappas, N., & Ploumidis, M. (2013). Throughput-Optimal Flow Allocation on Multiple Disjoint Paths for Random Access Wireless Multi-hop Networks.  (2013.TR432_Throughput-Optimal_Flow_Allocation_on_Multiple_Disjoint_Paths.pdf).
  5. Fortetsanakis, G., Katsoulakis, M., & Papadopouli, M. (2011). A game-theoretical modeling framework for spectrum markets and cognitive-radio devices.  (2011.TR414_game-theoretical_modeling_cognitive-radio_devices.pdf).
  6. Fasoulakis, M. (2011). An Information - theoretic view of Game theory.  (2011.TR421_Theoretic_View_Game_Theory.pdf).
  7. Bellet, K.R., Fortetsanakis, G., Papadopouli, M., & Katsoulakis, M. (2011). On multi-layer game-theoretical modelling of spectrum markets and cognitive radio networks.  (2011.TR423_game-theoretical_modelling_spectrum_markets.pdf).
  8. Fortetsanakis, G., & Papadopouli, M. (2011). The develpment of a user-centric QoE-based geo-database for spectrum markets.  (2011.TR422_User-centric_QoE_Spectrum_Markets.pdf).
  9. Fortetsanakis, G., Papadopouli, M., Karlsson, G., Dramitinos, M., & Yavuz, E. (2011). To subscribe, or not to subscribe: the analysis of new service paradigms in cellular markets.  (2011.TR424_analysis_cellular_markets.pdf).
  10. Tsompanidis, I., Fortetsanakis, G., & Hirvonen, T, Papadopouli, M. (2010). Analysis of the perceived VoIP quality under various wireless network conditions.  (2010.TR403_Perceived_VoIP_Wireless_Network_Conditions.pdf).
  11. Tsompanidis, I., Fortetsanakis, G., & Papadopouli, M. (2010). Measuring the perceived quality of VoIP under various wireless network conditions.  (2010.TR401_Measuring_perceived_quality_VoIP.pdf).
  12. Ploumidis, M., Papadopouli, M., & Karagiannis, Th. (2006). Application-based Characterization of the Traffic of a Campus-wide Wireless Networks.  (2006.TR386_Traffic_Campus-wide_Wireless_Network.pdf).
  13. Papadopouli, M., Moudatsos, M., & Karaliopoulos, M. (2006). Modeling the Roaming in Large-scale Wireless Networks using Real Measurements.  (2006.TR369_Modeling_Roaming_Large-scale_Wireless.pdf).
  14. Karaliopoulos, M., Papadopouli, M., Raftopoulos, E., & Shen, H. (2006). On scalable measurement-driven modeling of traffic demand in large WLANs.  (2006.TR383_WLAN_Scalable_Traffic_Modeling.pdf).
  15. Hernandez-Campos, F., Karaliopoulos, M., Papadopouli, M., & Shen, H. (2006). Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Campus WLAN traffic demand.  (2006.TR379_Spatio-Temporal_Modeling-WLAN_traffic_demand.pdf).
  16. Hernandez-Campos, F., & Papadopouli, M. (2005). A Comparative Measurement Study of the Workload of Wireless Access Points in Campus Networks..  (2005.TR353_Workload_Wireless_Access_Points.pdf).
  17. Siris, V.A., & Stamatakis, G. (2005). A Dynamic CBWFQ Scheme for Service Differentiation in WLANs.  (2005.TR351_Dynamic_CBWFQ_Scheme_Service_Differentiation_WLANs.pdf).
  18. Hernandez-Campos, F., & Papadopouli, M. (2005). Assessing the real impact of 802.11 WLANs: A large-scale comparison of wired and wireless traffic.  (2005.TR356_Assessing_Real_Impact_802.11_WLANs.pdf).
  19. Papadopouli, M., Raftopoulos, E., & Shen, H. (2005). Evaluation of short-term traffic forecasting algorithms in wireless networks.  (2005.TR363_Traffic_Forecasting_Algorithms_Wireless_Networks.pdf).
  20. Papadopouli, M., Shen, H., & Spanakis, E.G. (2005). Modeling client arrivals at access points in wireless campus-wide networks.  (2005.TR357_Modeling_clients_arrivals_wireless_campus-wide_networks.pdf).
  21. Melissaris, Ch.D. (2005). Monitoring and Measurement of GSM Mobile Telephony Signals.  (2005.TR360_Monitoring_GSM_Mobile_Telephony_Signals.pdf).
  22. Siris, V.A., & Courcoubetis, C. (2005). Resource Control for the Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA) Mechanism in IEEE 802.11e.  (2005.TR352_Resource_Control_Distributed_Channel_Access.pdf).
  23. Papadopouli, M., Shen, H., Raftopoulos, E., Ploumidis, M., & Hernandez-Campos, F. (2005). Short-term traffic forecasting in a campus-wide wireless network.  (2005.TR354_Short-term_Traffic_Forecasting.pdf).
  24. Hernandez-Campos, F., Shen, H., & Papadopouli, M. (2005). Spatio-Temporal Modeling of a Campus WLAN.  (2005.TR359_Spatio-Temporal_Modeling_Campus_WLAN.pdf).
  25. Siris, V.A., & Kavouridou, M. (2003). Achieving Service Differentiation and High Utilization in IEEE 802.11.  (2003.TR322_Achieving_Service_Differentiation_IEEE802.11.pdf).
  26. Siris, V.A., & Triantafyllidou, D. (2003). Seamless Congestion Control over wired and wireless IEEE 802.11 Networks.  (2003.TR327_Seamless_Congestion_Control_Wireless_Networks.pdf).
  27. Siris, V.A. (2001). Congestion Pricing for Resource Control in Wideband CDMA.  (
  28. Siris, V.A., & Courcoubetis, C. (2001). Interaction of Congestion Control and Packet Marking Algorithms in ECN Networ ks.  (
  29. Siris, V.A., Courcoubetis, C., & Margetis, G. (2001). Service Differentiation in ECN Networks using Weighted Window-Based Congestion Control for various Packet Marking Algorithms.  (
  30. Courcoubetis, C., & Siris, V.A. (2000). A web-based tool for advanced statistical analysis of network traffic measurements.  (2000.TR283.advanced_statistical_analysis_network_traffic_
  31. Courcoubetis, C., Siris, V., & Stamoulis, G.D. (2000). Application of the many sources asymptotic and effective bandwidths to traffic engineering.  (
  32. Stamoulis, G.D., Kalopsikakis, D., Kyrikoglou, A., & Courcoubetis, C. (2000). Efficient Agent-Based Negotiation for Telecommunications Services.  (
  33. Courcoubetis, C., & Siris, V.A. (2000). Managing and pricing service level agreements for differentiated services.  (2000.TR282.Service_level_agreement_traffic_contract_differentiated_
  34. Chatzaki, M., Sartzetakis, S., Papadakis, N., & Courcoubetis, C. (2000). Resource Allocation in Multiservice MPLS.  (
  35. Courcoubetis, C., Siris, V.A., & Stamoulis, G.D. (2000). Simple tariffs based on price multipliers for ATM VBR services.  (
  36. Courcoubetis, C., Dimakis, A., & Stamoulis, G.D. (2000). Traffic Equivalence and Substitution in a Multiplexer with Applications to Dynamic Call Admission Control.  (2000.TR284.Traffic_Equivalence_Multiplexer_Dynamic_Call_Admission_
  37. Courcoubetis, C., & Siris, V.A. (1999). Measurement and analysis of real network traffic.  (
  38. Siris, V.A., Songhurst, D.J., Stamoulis, G.D., & Mechthild, S. (1999). Usage-based charging using effective bandwidths:studies and reality.  (
  39. Courcoubetis, C., Kelly, F., Siris, V.A., & Weber, R. (1998). A study of simple usage-based charging schemes for broadband networks.  (
  40. Siris, V.A. (1998). An Evaluation of Pricing Schemes that are based on Effective Usage.  (
  41. Courcoubetis, C., & Siris, V. (1998). An Evaluation of Pricing Schemes that are based on Effective Usage.  (
  42. Courcoubetis, C., Stamoulis, G.D., Manolakis, C., & Kelly, F. (1998). An Intelligent Agent for Optimizing QoS for-Money in Priced ABR Connections.  (
  43. Georgiadis, L., Gikas, G., Chatzaki, M., & Sartzetakis, S. (1998). Cost-effective VPC network design.  (
  44. Chatzaki, M., Verdier, C., Knight, G., & Shi, R. (1998). QoS-based Routing Solutions for Hybrid SDH-ATM Network.  (
  45. Chatzaki, M., & Sartzetakis, S. (1998). QoS-Policy based Routing in Public Heterogeneous Broadband Networks.  (
  46. Chatzaki, M., Georgiadis, L., Gikas, G., & Sartzetakis, S. (1998). VPC Layer Design Quaranteeing High Availability in ATM Networks.  (
  47. Courcoubetis, C., Kelly, F., Siris, V.A., & Weber, R. (1997). A study of simple usage-based charging schemes for broadband networks.  (
  48. Courcoubetis, C., Kelly, F., Siris, V.A., & Stamoulis, G.D. (1997). ABR Pricing Experiments in a Real Network.  (
  49. Courcoubetis, C., & Siris, V.A. (1997). An Approach to Pricing and Resource Sharing for Available Bit Rate (ABR) Services.  (
  50. Courcoubetis, C., Siris, V.A., & Stamoulis, G.D. (1997). Comparing Usage-based Pricing Schemes for Broadband Networks.  (
  51. Courcoubetis, C., Siris, V.A., & Weber, R. (1997). Investigation of Cell Scale and Burst Scale Effects on the Cell Loss Probability using Large Deviations.  (
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M.S. Theses

  1. Fortetsanakis, G. (2011). A game-theoretical modeling framework and simulation platform for cellular-based access markets
  2. Papakonstantinou, A. (2011). Empirical-based measurements and analysis of positioning systems for mobile computing applications
  3. Makrogiannakis, A. (2011). The Development of Applications for Smart-phones and their Performance Analysis using Empirical Measurements
  4. Tzompanidis, I. (2010). A comparative analysis of the perceived quality of VoIP under various wireless network conditions . September 2010.
  5. Gkazoni, N. (2010). A Framework for Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Multi-hop Networks. March 2010.
  6. Emmanouilidou, D. (2010). Compressive Sensing in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. November 2010.
  7. Fafoutis, X. (2010). Cooperation Incentives for Wireless Network Operators. March 2010.
  8. Lionoudaki, Ch.-A. (2010). Determining Glottal Closure and Opening Instants in Speech. June 2010.
  9. Tzedakis, G. (2010). Fast Least-Squares Solution for Harmonic and Sinusoidal Models. November 2010.
  10. Grekas, G. (2010). On Speaker Interpolation and Speech Conversion for parallel corpora. November 2010.
  11. Kafentzis, G. (2010). On the inverse filtering of speech. November 2010.
  12. Astrinaki, M. (2010). Real Time Voice Pathology Detection Using Autocorrelation Pitch Estimation And Short Time Jitter Estimator. July 2010.
  13. Karamichali, E. (2010). Text- Independent Speaker Identification Using Sparsely Excited Signals and Compressed Sensing. October 2010.
  14. Dionysiou, Th. (2010). Utility-based Channel Assignment and Topology Control in Wireless Mesh Networks. March 2010.
  15. Koutsogiannaki, M. (2010). Voice tremor detection using Adaptive Quasi-Harmonic Model. October 2010.
  16. Gkirtzou, A. (2009). Mature miRNA identification via the use of an naive Bayes classifier. April 2009.
  17. Vasilakis, M. (2009). Spectral Based Short-Time Features for Voice Quality Assessment. 2009.
  18. Genetzakis, E. (2008). A Contetion-Aware Routing Metric for Multi-Rate Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Nteworks . April 2008.
  19. Sfakianakis, I. (2008). A Statistical Approach for Intrusion Detection. April 2008.
  20. Ntelakis, E. (2008). Channel Assignment in a Wireless Metropolitan Network. April 2006.
  21. Ploumidis, E. (2008). Modeling, forecasting, and application-based characterization of traffic in campus-wide wireless networks. April 2008.
  22. Mathioudakis, K. (2008). Monitoring System and Performance Measurement of Wireless Metropolitan Network. April 2008.
  23. Stefanou, Ch. (2007). DNA Microarray Image Enhancement in a Multi Resolution Framework . September 2007.
  24. Raftopoulos, I. (2007). Measurement-driven Modeling of Traffic Demand and Short Term Forecasting In Large Wlans. September 2007.
  25. Tzagkarakis, Ch. (2007). Multichannel Audio Modeling and Coding for Immersive Audio Based on the Sinusoidal Model. December 2007.
  26. Pappas, N. (2007). Network Coding
  27. Holzapfel, A. (2006). A Component based Music Classification Approach. December 2006.
  28. Evangelatou, D. (2006). Access Point Selection for Improving Throughput Fairness in Wireless Lans. December 2006.
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  34. Athanasopoulou, Ch. (2005). Creating motives for packet forwarding using relay in wireless ad hoc networks. April 2005.
  35. Evangelatou, A.V. (2005). DVB-RCT Physical Layer and Implementation of the Frame Adaptation Unit . April 2005.
  36. Melissaris, Ch. (2005). Monitoring and Measurement of GSM Mobile Telephony Signals. 2005.
  37. Karadimou, K. (2005). Multichannel Audio Modeling and Coding Using a Multiscale Source/Filter Model. December 2005.
  38. Stavrakis, I. (2005). Provider-Based Deterministic Packet Marking against Distributed DoS Attacks. July 2005.
  39. Adamakis, Ch. (2005). Secure Mobile Payment System over GSM. April 2005.
  40. Marinakis, Th. (2004). Adaptive Markers for achieving in Differentiated Services Networks. April 2004.
  41. Tzagkarakis, G. (2004). Content-based Ιmage Retrieval via Alpha-Stable Modeling of Texture Information. November 2004.
  42. Papagalou, F. (2004). Evaluation of Algorithms for Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Detection based on Network Traffic. April 2004.
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  49. Sideris, Ch. (2002). Conversion of speech into mouth movements. 2002.
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  52. Kastanis, D. (2002). Elliptic Curve Usage for the Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement on Contactless SmartCards with Memory Management Mechanism. December 2002.
  53. Kalyva, V. (2002). Scheduling Algorithms for GPRS Networks. 2002.
  54. Agiomyrgiannakis, I. (2002). Speech Spectrum Expansion. March 2002.
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Ph.D. Theses

  1. Spanakis, E.G. (2009). Cross Layer rate adaptation in wireless Ad Hoc Network. November 2009.
  2. Flouri, K. (2009). Distributed Algorithms for Support Vector Machine training in Wireless Sensor Networks. November 2009.
  3. Triantafyllou, D. (2009). Exploit Link- state routing to improve TCP in mobile Ad Hoc Networks. November 2009.
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Other Technical Reports

  1. Tsioliaridou, N. A., Liaskos, C. K., Ioannidis, S., & Dimitropoulos, X. , Pitsillides, A. (2015). Mitigating the broadcast storm in nanonetworks with 16-bits. (Submitted) TR-TNL-IRG-2015-1
  2. Gkounis, D., Kotronis, V., & Dimitropoulos, X.  (2014). Towards Defeating the Crossfire Attack using SDN. Technical Report (arXiv:1412.2013)
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